To maintain our ongoing relationship with industry professionals, government officials, academics, and researchers, our Research Solutions Center, an online database serves as a literary point for stakeholders.

The Griffiths Prince & Associates Consulting  Center is a database of current research about K-18 Education. The listings contain current reports, articles, presentations, webinar recordings, and seminal data. Research is updated frequently. To find research about a topic, use the search field at the top of the page, and then click on the item in the result list below. (Research is only available to members only).


We review studies in the following areas: 

Research Reviews:
comparative research on similar or related topics.


Theoretical Reviews:
critically look at the evolution of theories and how they fit in various contexts.


Thematic Reviews:
Analyses areas of the literature, educational approaches, and learning models.


Methodological Reviews:
methods and methodologies used in education.


Theoretical Contributions: 
comparisons, and analyses to the application of methods and models to the educational process.


Research Reviews: 
Topics and implications for the field of education.


Forum Papers: 
Articles presenting new ideas, or responses to published material stimulating debate, but well-founded in the existing literature.


Instructional Techniques: 
Reports on instructional techniques that demonstrate validity findings.


Ethnography and Qualitative Design in Research Educational



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