Griffiths Prince &
Associates Consulting




GPAC4 has contracts with local and federal agencies to provide Training & Technical Assistance, Program Development and Evaluation, Curriculum Development, Data Collection, Analysis, Analytical Reporting ,Research Assessment.




Clients Include 

 University - Instructional Design -In University Setting, Developed and Instructed Learner Centered Curriculum using Data Driven Framework. This project included, planned activities, discussions, Blogs, assignments and evaluations.

 Non Profit Organizations- Delivered Training and Technical Assistance to expanding the capacity of nonprofit services in their communities. See offerings here-

Private K-12 Settings- Designed Programs including planning for learning based on learners needs assessment and used data driven frameworks to change and select program activities to bring about desired results.


U.S. Department of Education-


We developed Mentoring, Intervention Services, and Educational support, in collaboration with the Federal Title I, Part D Program and the Student Intervention and Dropout Prevention Program for at-risk youth.


           Peer Reviewed and Paneled for 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) .We provide support and technical assistance in an array of areas such as grants management, compliance with federal and state rules and regulations, quality instruction for students, family engagement and program evaluation.  We provided statewide training through conferences and regional workshops.