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Griffiths Prince &
Associates Consulting


   GPAC has been singularly focused on Education Initiatives  throughout its tenure as a company. Education Initiatives means:

      ● Providing critical analysis and technical writing on Subject Matters and Content Matters relating to Education and Public Policy.

      ● Designing Training and Staff Development that are measurable and focused.

      ● Creating, Implementing and Evaluating Curriculums and Programs.

      ● Designing K-18 and Post Graduate Instruction.

      ● Providing Methodology and Framework Assessments based on problems or research questions.

By focusing on Education Initiatives, we strive to be excellent at conducting Education and Public Policy research to inform our process.


  ● Government (Federal, State, and Local)

  ● Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s)

  ● Education- School Districts, College and University,

  ● Organizations and Corporations


  ● Small Business

  ● WMBE

  ●  HubZone


Contact Phone  

Marcia Griffiths-Prince, PhD

(813) 507-5775


(888) 333-1606






Small Business, WME, HubZone

NAICS codes:

5417, 6117, 5419,5416, 6116,6243,

Product Service Code (PSC):