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"As Owner of Emily Childcare, I am writing this letter of recommendation to confirm that Dr. Prince and her Team are conscientious, highly-skilled technical Consultants, worthy of accolades. The team has keen insight into the child welfare, education; special needs   process and is an expert in needs analysis, project management, curriculum development, classroom instruction and resource development. Dr. Prince and her team in-depth expert knowledge, unique leadership techniques, and excellent people skills have consistently received rave reviews from my program. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend ERS to any organization seeking to improve productivity".

Susan E. Shillingford,Owner,Emily Pre and Day School,NY.




Dr. Mitchell Olson Specialization Coordinator at Walden University. "Dr. Marcia is responsive and hard-working. She is dedicated and delivers on talent".


"I was extremely pleased with the trainer/consultant provided by Griffiths Prince & Associates. Dr. Marcia and her team brought the ideal synthesis of content knowledge, Curriculum, Development and Assessment knowledge and real-world experience. They targeted the essential questions, listened keenly and delivered a curriculum that is specific and met the needs of the population". J. Williams, CEO, Georgies Helping Hand Inc.

"Dr. Marcia has been very professional in her work with us at CHOICE Inc. Dr. Marcia was able to quickly grasp what we wanted to accomplish and had some great ideas on how to achieve our goals. She has a wide variety of program developments and implementation ideas based on scientific data that she draws from. The program assessment and recommendations were very well received and generated profit margins higher than expected. I highly recommend Dr. Marcia and her team for any Program Evaluation and Assessment project." T. Nelson, Director, CHOICE Inc.

"Dr. Marcia has been an excellent resource for SDHC. She was quick to understand the program needs, designed a curriculum specific, necessary and targeted. Dr. Marcia provide clear, tailored user training in Instruction and Evaluation. Dr. Marcia is a Subject Matter and Content Matter expert and excels at Program Development and Evaluation using specific framework and methodology.  Dr. Marcia delivers on time and on budget". Program Director, SDHC.


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