Griffiths Prince & Associates
Moving Education Forward



Our experienced consultants partner with you to improve your processes and procedures. We find buried inadequacies, unlock capable opportunities, create, and implement measurable resolutions to keep you ahead.


Our capabilities include:

  ● Business Revolution-we will equip the people exploring this uncharted territory with the tools, techniques, models, and mind-sets they need.

  ● Training & Career Development

  ● Program Management & Evaluation

At GPAC, we strive to address the uniqueness of our clients’ program evaluations, GPAC uses a combination of traditional and state-of-the-art scientific methods and tools, which includes:
▪       Implementation evaluation
▪       Logic models
▪       Program content reviews
▪       Research framework advice
▪       Single-case designs
▪       Synthesis of mixed-method research
▪       Case studies
▪       Ethnographic studies
▪       Social network analysis
▪       Secondary data research

Research & Evaluation

GPAC offers management and technical assistance in research, data collection, and all types of program evaluation, often in diverse environments and in a wide variety of areas—from education to public policy organizations.

Organizational culture and implementation solutions

GPAC provides organizational culture and implementation solutions that help clients improve their folks, practices, and agendas.

Clients engage GPAC for data-driven organizational performance results, which include:
▪       Competency assessment and development
▪       Recruitment, selection, and retention
▪       Leadership development
▪       Individual and organizational performance assessment
▪       Applied behavioral research and analysis

Coaching and Consulting

We provide coaching and consulting to help leaders and teams make informed decisions and take more effective action, whether in the cabinet, community center, or classroom.

We design and provide professional learning experiences for educators and other leaders to support them in transforming their systems.

Our services build culture, conditions, and competencies for excellence and equity in districts, schools, classrooms, nonprofit organizations, and communities.